Wednesday, 1 February 2017

An Announcement: No Posts For A While

An Announcement: No Posts For A While

I have tried to post regular on the blog, after my post saying that I will be doing less posts as I am working on a project, but now it seems, there won't be much more posts this month, I really am sad to announce it, as I loved doing it, but now the circumstances have become like that hence, I hope what I am working on is worth it, leaving so many things behind for it. So, I hope you understand.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Raaes (2016) & Kaabil (2016) Dual Film Review

Raaes (2016) & Kaabil (2016) Dual Film Review 

I had planned to do it separately, but how the films, turned out, I thought in one post, I can cover both of the films, hence, I am doing in this way. Sorry for the delay. So, lets start-


Raaes was a film, that got delayed and delayed and then again delayed. But, here it comes finally, a gangster film from bollywood. This film is a huge disappointment, I knew this after watching the trailer, and yet I was proved right. This is about a gangster whom I have heard about and has a great story, which can be cherished by making it into a great film, but here it went opposite.

Plot, Raees is the fictitious story of a man named Raees, set in early 1980's to 1990's Gujarat, India. The film explores how Raees' relationships and meteoric rise helped him build an entire empire from scratch, to make him the single most powerful man in the state

The only saying grace in the film, lies in it's performances. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, he is the man, who steals the show, in which ever scene he is in. He is by far the best actor working today in the bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan, gives his best performance till date? I will say, probably yes! There was nothing wrong with the performances.

It has a weak script, which is full of heroic dialogues, it worked pretty well at times, but at times it felt too much melo-dramatic. There shouldn't have been unusual songs in it. Direction, yes, narrative was pretty good, but action elements, romantic elements and etc. felt to much unrealistic.

This film could have been the great bollywood gangster film after a long time, (well, it wouldn't have reached the level of Gangs Of Wasseypur, even then). But, it had so much potential, that it would have been a lot better, after all this delay, what we got is, a Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 3, sort of film. But, I loved the performances, and my pick between this and Kaabil, is pretty tough to choose, they both aren't really special, but I will say, I enjoyed this slightly more. In the end, it's your choice.

Rating: C+


This film is really something else, it pretty much shows the whole plot in the trailer, and then there is one big thing in it, which just messes with my head. I mean, it has flaws after flaws, but then they later show, something else.

This is the story of a man who lived, laughed and loved just like everyone in this world. Until one day, a terrible tragedy struck. Driven by the fire of vengeance, nothing will stop him. Not even the fact that he has been blind since birth.

So, that is the plot, it has some really unrealistic, over the top action, and it is not at all well executed. I don't know many people are giving it positive reviews, this film is even worse then Raaes. Though both are "not so good films".

The good thing in the film, is the performances. Hrithik Roshan, weather the film is good or not, he is at his level best. His performance might be the only saving grace, as similar case as Raaes. Other actors were pretty decent, some did too much over-acting at bits. 

This film didn't even had the potential, I'm sorry to say that. But, if you are going for entertainment, you might get it, but certainly this film wasn't for me. 

Rating: C-

So, that was the dual review of both of the films. Sorry for the delay. Both, are disappointments, but still see it, as in the end it is your choice.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Top 5 Best T.V Shows Of All Time

Top 5 Best T.V Shows Of All Time

I have always spent my time with films, but that dosen't mean, that I have no time for T.V Shows, over the years, I have seen many T.V Shows, and here I am gonna be listing My Top 5 Of All Time. So, Let's Start-


Aaron Sorkin's flawless writing has always manged to catch my attention, weather it is in films, or in the T.V Series. This is one the best showcase of political-drama centred genre. I can go and say, that I can love this show, because of it's flawless and outstanding writing. The go too deep showcasing about how politics work, and that is what I love about it. If, looked at the basic plot, it is really nothing special, but brilliant acting, directing and beautiful writing makes this T.V Series an interesting watch.

Favourite Episode: Season 2, Episode 22.


David Lynch is a true auteur. He has made masterpieces like "Blue Velvet" and "The Elephant Man", but certainly he made also one of the best T.V shows ever made, Twin Peaks. It is the T.V Show, by which watching the first episode itself, I was hooked up. I saw the whole first season again recently in one day. And, it just got even better, with a new one coming this year, I couldn't be more excited and happy. Twin Peaks is nothing short of being a masterpiece in T.V Series.

Favourite Episode: Season 2, Episode 9.

3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friends, is a show, which I can put at any time, any episode, and I will have an assurity, that I would be laughing in the whole 22/23 minutes. Friends, is by far the best comedy T.V show of all time, at least for me. What lies, Friends strength is in it's characters, all six of them, have their own style, and they differ from each other, and that is what it makes it even more interesting. I have loved it even since I saw it for the first, time and still love it equally. The feeling for the characters this show creates is very well done, by the 10th season, and by the last episode, you feel bad, why it ended? Just Why?

Favourite Episode: Season 4, Episode 12.


This would have topped my list, If we count my #1 as a film, but still that dosen't make it any less. Breaking Bad is one of the most bad ass T.V shows ever made. It has a perfect writing, top-notch performances and brilliant performances. This show is flawless piece of work, each and every episode has it's own uniqueness. I have never seen a much better pilot then Breaking Bad, it is perfect. The way they have showcased crime in the film, is like no other. Whenever  I start to watch Breaking Bad, I know I would be having a nice time.

Favourite Episode: Season 5, Episode 14.


Krsyztof Kieslowski is one of my favourite directors of all time, and his Dekalog , his magnum opus, seems to be considered a film by many and a Mini-Series by others. Well, I listed this in my list of Best Films of 1980's, but I am gonna list it, here also because I just feel like. Dekalog, is flawless, really there is not even a single thing, in all of ten episodes that I can saw, okay that didn't worked. Every thing, is perfect in the series. It has so many moments where I was left speechless, this is pure brilliance, and only a master is capable of making stuff like that.

Favourite Episode: Season 1, Episode 5.

Now, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions - 

  • Mad Men - One of the most stylish T.V Series Ever!
  • Prison Break - Best Prison-Related T.V Series by far.
  • Game Of Thrones - Never have been a big fan of it, still quite good.
  • The Wire - One of the best crime-thriller T.V Shows,
  • True Detective - Flawless performances, and brilliant series.
  • Fargo - Probably the best Film to T.V Series.
  • House Of Cards - The one's directed by David Fincher are masterpieces, rest are great too.
  • Narcos - I love gangsters, and it has showcased one of them, very brilliantly. 
  • Sherlock - Have been going down over the years, but still good.
  • Band Of Brothers - Was very close, just missed the spot.
  • Suits - Slightly overrated, but brilliant.
  • The Simpsons - Best animated series by far.
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So, what is your favourite T.V Show of all time?

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Top 5 Best Bollywood Films Of 21st Century

Top 5 Best Bollywood Films Of 21st Century

In my opinion, bollywood has faced a major change in the 21st century, filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj, Hansal Mehta have been making it even better. Here, I will be telling about My Top 5 Best Bollywood Films Of 21st Century, let's start-

NOTE: I will be following, one per director rule here.


The film that made my list of the best films of 2016, Aligarh is one of the finest films of 2010's, and as far as bollywood is concerned, I will say it, that it is one of the best bollywood films I have ever seen. Hansal Mehta has directed some great films, but this has to be his magnum opus. It is a beautiful little film, but with a strong message. Aligarh is a must watch, if you love great cinema.


Probably the most coolest bollywood film ever made, this film makes you feel for planning a trip with you friends, it so effective and engaging. Dil Chahta Hai, is one of the my favourite bollywood films ever, there is a lot of competition and many people say between this and Zindagi Milegi Na Doobara, and I have to say, this feel more realistic and energetic. Dil Chatha Hai, is a masterpiece, and I won't hesitate to say that.


Lagaan, India's entry to Oscar and infact was even nominated, it is one of the best sports-related films like ever! 2001 was probably the greatest year, or I should say one of the best years for bollywood, and this was the best of it. Lagaan, is emotional and rich. It let's you care for the characters in the film like no other, and as far as quality is concerned, this film is nearly flawless and pure brilliance.


Omkara is Indian's adaptation of  William Shakespeare's Othello. This is the second instalment in Bhardwaj's trilogy of Shakespeare, and I have to say it is by far the best. Although, it has a bollywood touch to it, but it completely feels like an unique bollywood film. It is a lot more richer then a lot bollywood films made, the performances, the brilliant writing, this is a true masterpiece, and the one which I won't forget.


What else, can I say about this film, I have already expressed my love for it on number of posts, this is not only the best bollywood film of this century, but also my favourite film of this century. This is the only out of the 21st century films, that take place in my top ten favourite films of all time. No film, has done what this film has, it has completely changed the way I look at bollywood films. Anurag Kashyap, is the man in the end, the only director in bollywood, whom I believe and trust.

Now, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions - 

  • Khosla Ka Khosla - Dibakar Baneerje's magnum opus.
  • Masaan - A very special and elegant bollywood film.
  • Paan Singh Tomar - Tigmanshu Dhulia's masterpiece.
  • A Wednesday - Neeraj Pandey's sensational debut.
  • The Lunchbox - A hollywood level bollywood film.
  • Hera Pheri - One of the best comedies I have ever seen.
  • Rang De Basanti - Om Prakash Mehra's magnum opus.
  • Lootera - Now, that is how a love story should be made.
  • Munna Bhai MBBS - Rajkumar Hirani's first but the best.
  • Ship Of Theseus - The best dramatic film of bollywood?
  • Highway - Imtiaz Ali's best for me.
  • Raincoat - Another great love-story from bollywood.
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So, What is your favourite bollywood film of 21st century?

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

An Announcement!

An Announcement!

I have loved posting on blog and expressing my love for films, this was by far the best way to express it. Here is a post, related to a short announcement, although, I don't feel quite good announcing it, but circumstances have been that way, hence I have to.

I have been working on something for about two or three months now. Regarding, it there has been a lot of work, and I need to give my 100% in it. I would love to share it once it's done, but until that, the number of posts on the blog, would go a little down, as I will remain a little busy.

Now, I am not saying, I won't post nothing at all, just that, the big things, like lists and all, but I would definetly would do a reviews of the latest films, and some lists in between, I would try my best.

It just dosen't feel right to me, doing this, but there is a saying "to get something, you have to loose something". I will be back properly again in March, with lots of new posts, till then there would be reviews, and some lists.

So, it's just that, I wanted to address the regular viewers of my blog.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Director Retrospectives: Christopher Nolan

Director Retrospectives: Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, is probably the most famous hollywood director working today. Nolan, used to be one my favourite directors of all time, but over the course of time, he has been shifted a lot down, as it is really true there are much better directors then him. But, that dosen't affect his retrospective here. He uses probably the best editing techniques, his collaboration with Hans Zimmer, always produce a soundtrack, that can give joy to your ears. He has been, known as the master of blockbuster hollywood cinema, and he probably is, so let's start.


Long before, Nolan become a man with blockbuster films under his belt, he directed this low-budget, auto-produced mystery thriller, which is one of the best low-budget films, like ever. I loved the previous Nolan, which produced realistic and films, which felt subtle. Following, is a film, that has a twisted narrative. It is one of Nolan's best work, and the way he tackles this brilliantly written plot is a joy to see.

Favourite Moment: The twist.

Rating: B-

MEMENTO (2000)

Memento, his magnum opus and his best work by far. The film, that enhanced reverse narrative. This film is a true masterpiece, and his most original work till date. It features one of the best written screenplay of this century. The first time, I saw this film, I was like, what the f**k did, I just saw. It is pure brilliance, and remains one of the best films and my personal favourite since 2000's. It is a flawless piece of work, and nothing could come close of being close for being his best.

Favourite Moment: The ending.

Rating: A*


Nolan's most underrated work? The answer to that question is yes. This film has been stated his worst in many lists, but in actual it is one of his best for me. With having A grade starts such as Al Pacino and Robin Williams, Nolan created a great film, which sadly remains with unwanted hate. The way that Nolan builds up tension, in this one, grabs the audience till the end, to find what and where will this film end. After this Nolan, started entering to the blockbuster zone, as far has quality is concerned, Nolan's first three films were the best.

Favourite Moment: The main incident.

Rating: B+


Nolan, was about to a biopic of Howard Hughes, and calling it, the best thing he has written, but after Martin Scorsese's The Aviator was announced and the project fell through. Nolan, got a comic book character, which as not being a big comic book fan, but I will say Batman, is my favourite character in the comics.

Batman Begins, gave a new rise to comic book films, Nolan did bring a change in the topic, he added more realistic and subtle look to it. Batman's just wasn't a comic-book character anymore. If I have to go quality wise, this might be the best out of the trilogy. Batman Begins, formed a new Christopher Nolan.

Favourite Moment: The training.

Rating: B+


The Prestige, is without a doubt, the most best looking Nolan film. It is not his best, but no one is stopping it from being his second best. It features flawless acting, writing and directing. The atmosphere that Nolan able's to create in this film, is un-matchable comparing with his filmography. This used to be, one of my favourite films of all time, infact it was in Top 15, I still love, but as far as ranking is concerned, it may have gone little down, but this is his second masterpiece without a doubt.

Favourite Moment: The ending.

Rating: A+


Arguably known as Christopher Nolan's best work, and also known as the best comic book film of all time, I some where agree being the best superhero film, but not Nolan's best. The Dark Knight is a film, that once was in my top ten of all time, but over the years, it has gone down, as I explored more and more cinema. It is not a flawless piece of work, but it is just not like all other comic-book films out there, it is much more realistic. Though, as far as quality is concerned Batman Begins is the best out of trilogy, but as far as entertainment is concerned this might be best of the lot.

Favourite Moment: The opening scene.

Rating: A-


Inception, a film that after watching, I wanted to explore more cinema. It opened so many ideas, and it was the most extra-ordinary film, I ever saw at that time. Infact, it became my favourite film, as soon as I saw it, but now, as I will again state, seeing much more cinema then before, Inception is a great film, and certainly one of the most original films of this decade. It features, some intelligent screenplay, concept, visual, performances and direction. This was also the film, after which Nolan got his first nomination for Best Picture. I have found few flaws, with it, but then it is so damn entertaining.

Favourite Moment: The last montage with the music "Time".

Rating: A-


The Dark Knight Rises became my favourite out of the trilogy, but now I think it is the least best, that being said, it has it's moments, and performances are top-notch, but there were some things which just didn't fit well. The Dark Knight Trilogy is the best comic-book series, and this end was little disappointing, but that being said, it is a good film, just not the level of the other two. Tom Hardy gives an unforgettable performance, he is just brilliant in the film, other then that, the film wanted to be of a heroic kind, which went other direction.

Favourite Moment: Batman Vs Bane, first fight.

Rating: B-


Interstellar is a film of Nolan, which I have watched the second most after The Dark Knight. I absolutely loved it, the first three or four times, but then, this film didn't showed science-fiction properly, but it was more about the character, though it is an accurate science-fiction film, if we go in talk about warm hole and all, but Nolan films aren't really more about the characters, it is more of a plot-driven film, but with Interstellar, he changed it all, this film is about the relationship of a father and his daughter. Interstellar is great, it has some issues but was certainly better then a lot of science-fiction shit produced.

Favourite Moment: Inside the wormhole. 

Rating: B+

Now, here is the ranking of all his films-

  1. Memento (A*)
  2. The Prestige (A+)
  3. Inception (A-)
  4. The Dark Knight (A-)
  5. Insomnia (A-)
  6. Batman Begins (B+)
  7. Interstellar (B+)
  8. Following (B-)
  9. The Dark Knight Rises (B-)

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So, what is your favourite Christopher Nolan film?

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

My Top 10 Favourite French Films Of All Time

My Top 10 Favourite French Films Of All Time

France has always been the country that makes great films and artistic, art-house films. Moreover, it is such a class apart form of cinema, which I love a lot. If we go to world cinema, cinema of France is my favourite cinema after Italian. Moreover, they so many great gangster flicks, which probably is my favourite genre, so I will be listing my ten favourite french films of all time, lets start-


Mesrine Duology, is the best films from France, of this century. I take both of the films and one complete film, as infact they were released in the same here. This film was an inspiration for one of my favouroite films of all time Gangs Of Wasseypur. Mesrine is a film that is one of the best crime-drama or gangster film ever made! It is brilliantly directed, written and acted, that what it makes a flawless masterpiece. It is based upon a real life gangster called Jacques Mesrine. This film stays slightly underrated and under seen, so I highly suggest checking it out.


The original Sorcerer. This was later remade by the great William Friedkin in 1977. I watched this and I can't decide which one I love more, but The Wages Of Fear is one of the best adventure-thriller ever. It is dark, but exciting. The showcase of violence in the film is like no other, it shows the struggle of these four men. The Wages Of Wear is one of the finest film of one of the best decade in cinema-history 1950's.


Another gangster flick from the cinema of France. This time, it might be there finest. It just shows 24 hours in the life of gangsters, it is highly entertaining. What part makes me, love this film even more is that, it is raw, subtle and realistic. It features again Vincent Cassel, he is like Manoj Bajpayee of France to me, they nearly are in every great gangster film made in their countries. La Haine, is one of the most fast-paced films, I have ever seen, the quickness makes it even more memorising experience. La Haine is an experience like no other, I repeat like no other.


Jean Renoir is one of the greatest auteur in history of world cinema. The Grand Illusion is his magnum opus and certainly the greatest anti-war film ever made. In this 120 minute run time, Renoir manages to show so much to us, that we are fully entertained. This is on a serious topic, but with perfect writing, directing, editing and acting is what makes this film a flawless piece of masterpiece. It is effortlessly humanistic and subtle.


The best prison film ever made? The answer to that question is yes. Robert Bresson's ultimate masterpiece is film that will remain with you after watching it. It has documentary look with all the drama in it, in other words it is of genre docudrama. This 100 minute grabs it's pace like no other, it is a complete blast from start to finish. It is one of the best directed films ever, it let's you care for the characters the best way possible. It is certainly one of the greatest films, I have ever seen, and it is one of the best looking black & white films ever.

5. Z

Z is one of the first French films, I ever saw. I was immediately hooked by this artistic masterpiece. It is probably the best political related film ever made. It has some of the best chase sequences I have ever seen. It so cleverly adapted from a wonderful novel, and one of the best directed, films from French Cinema. It knows how to build up tension, and how to make it great. It is compelling, relentlessly fast-paced political thriller. It has not even a second, that feels dull.


Jean-Luc Godard is a filmmaker from France is probably the most famous. Honestly, he has made a lot of films, and I have seen a lot of his, but as I explored more and more filmography of his, I sadly remain with loving only few out of his filmography, for some like Goodbye To Language and Brande Apart. But, Breathless was my favourite french film, untill I discovered more Melville. Breathless, is a landmark in history of cinema. It is one of the most influential films ever made, the apartment scene in the film is one my most loved scene's ever. It has an extra-ordinary style of film-making, which makes it even more unique.


Jean-Pierre Melville, is the best French director in my opinion. This is arguably known his magnum opus. It is his most visually stunning film that is for sure. It is one of his most off-beat films, it is more of a political-war drama. The crime has it's own place in films of Melville, It is so beautifully directed, and written. It has a crisp editing which makes it more memorising experience. It is rich in elegance, and it is a globetrotting spy masterpiece.


This isn't the first Melville film on the list and won't be the last, he is one heck of a filmmaker. This is the best heist film I have ever seen, and yes I am also saying this is in many ways better then Heat. The use of silence in this film is used the best, Melville is the king of crime films and use of silence in films, and in this he show-off's his talent like none of his other films. It is a film, that I would wanna revisit again and again. The heist scene in the film, is one of the best crafted scenes, in history of cinema.


Le Samourai, is the best and my favourite film from France, I would go on and say by far. This film, is in my top ten films of all time. Having watched it lots of times in recent time, I have gone by loving it more and more each time, this might be the coolest film ever made. Jean-Pierre Melville is one of my favourite directors and this is his magnum opus. It is visually stunning with powerful acting and path-breaking direction. It is a flawless piece of work, that defines what French cinema is. In the end, I would say I have seen a lot of French films, but this had it all. The opening shot of the film, is one of the best opening like ever!

Now, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions -
  • A Prophet - Another great prison-related film.
  • Amelie - Beautiful film.
  • Brande Apart - Second best Godard.
  • Goodbye To Language - Third best Godard.
  • Jules & Jim - Trauffaut's second masterpiece.
  • Blue Is The Warmest Color - 2010's best french film.
  • Les Diaboliques - One of the best mystery thriller.
  • The Hole - Another french prison-related film.
  • Enter The Void - Gasper Noe's magnum opus.
  • Rififi - One of the best heist film ever.
  • Pickpocket - Bresson's second best for me.
  • Au Hasard Balthazar - Extra-ordinary piece of work.
  • A Trip To The Moon - One of the very first film of the last century, but pure brilliance.
  • Playtime - My favourite film of Jacques Tati.
  • Mon Oncle - Tati and his comedies.
  • The Earnings Of Madame De... - One of the most stunning films ever!
  • Elle - One of the best revenge films already.
  • The Innocents - 2016 film, but great one.
  • Children Of Paradise - One of 1940's best.
  • The 400 Blows - Lastly, It was so close, that I wrote a write-up for it but unfortunetly had to stick to doing only Top 10. The write up is given below, in other words it is #11. Here goes the write up- The 400 Blows, arguably known as the greatest french film ever made. I love this film, even though finding it slightly overrated one the first watch. Francios Trauffaut, has never been my kind of a filmmaker. I like his Shoot The Piano Player and somewhat love his Jules & Jim, but easily his magnum opus has to The 400 Blows. This is a 109 minute film which is a biography of a boy, who is neglected by his parents, he even leaves school, and involves in pretty crimes. This is a journey about that boy discovering things and seeing city. It is a a great film, I love it again, but certainly not as much as most of people do.

Thanks for reading!

So, what is your favourite french film of all time?

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-Vastik Mishra