Saturday, 24 September 2016



So, When I first heard they are remaking the "The Magnificent Seven" which was also a remake of the great film " Seven Samurai"  , I said why? Why a remake of a remake?

But, when I heard there are great actors in this movie like, from Denzel Washington to the latest actor, whose recent movies like "Jurassic World" and "Gardians Of The Galaxy" I roughly enjoyed, Chris Pratt also Ethan Hawke. It was sigh of relief to know that this movie, was gonna have good actors.

First of all, If you have seen the previous movie and also Seven Samurai, then you know the story of the film. 

The director of the film Antonie Fuqua has impressed me by his last years boxing drama "Southpaw". His filmography is good, and I have enjoyed his other movies like "Shooter" and "Training Day". He keeps changing the genre, he dosen't stick to one genre and making films of that only, he exactly did that with this one, he a western with alot of fun.

This movie is fun, right from the first scene, I had a great time with it, Now dont go to movie thinking it could match-up its original, no its not even close, This movie knew what it is, and it did well. It didn't wanted to be a masterpiece. What they did with this movie is make it entertaining. 

Some of you maybe disappointed because of it not living up to the hype, Well, If you are looking for fun and entertainment of 130 minutes then you would like it. If you are thinking, Okay, we gonna get a dark dull western NOPE! You ani't gonna get that.

This movie is not even the level of latest westerns like "The Hateful Eight" and "Django Unchained" (By, the way I didnt like it, DJANGO). The performances in the film are top notch. Washington, is just superb. He is one of the reasons this movie was great. Other actors, like Hawke and Sarsgard were good as well.

Well, it is rated PG-13, well it is for sure one of the most violent PG-13 movie. Anyway, overall, I had a good time with the movie, Hopefully you would too, Yeah, it is worth checking out. So, surely watch it.

RATING: 4/5!




  1. Nice stuff, though personally if I'd written that generally optimistic review 4/5 seems a tad high! :P

    Personally Saasgard was my least favorite performance of this year. I loathe actors that over-do literally everything and from frame one he acted like the most important part of every scene. Despise that. Even worse than Eisenburg as Luther >:(

    And yeah like I said in mine it knew what it was, which is refreshing, but at the same time a little less resting on the laurels of Seven Samurai might have benefited it overall. A film which knows it ain't hot shit shouldn't put references to one of the finest actions movies ever made in most scenes.

    Nice stuff. Looking forward to those best of decade lists. When they coming out?

    1. Eisenburg, was easily one the worst performances ever. :P. Thanks, I hope the top 10 for each decade wont dissapoint you. And yeah, "EACH TO HIS OWN". Thanks for the feedback :)

    2. Also, they would start by Novemember probably. First, I am gonna do favourite directors + Revised list of favourite movies, and some issue related posts. After that 1 every week, from November. They would end by January second week. :)