Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Note On 2016!

A Note On 2016!
Today, I wanted to do something offbeat. As, 2016 is at it's last stage, here is a note of mine about it.


2016 has been a great year for foreign films, we have had some great A+ films, especially the one's that went to Cannes. French cinema returned with some very great films like Elle & The Innocents.

As far as, hollywood is concerned, the first few months, infact the first 6 felt like, this year is one of the worst ever, but the came Cannes and changed it all, After Cannes we have had some really great hollywood films, like Arrival & La La Land. Though there are some that I still have to watch.

Now, let's go on to bollywood, For bollywood, it is far from being a fantastic year, but we have had few suprises and some films that I knew would have been great and did, like Raman Raghav 2.0 & Aligarh.

So, overall it has been a great year for films, and I'm really not much hoping from 2017, but I hope it has some great suprises like 2016 did.


2016, would remain a special year for films, cause as far back as I can remember, I have watched most number of films then like forever. I have explored a lot more foreign cinema this year, and this year has played a crucial part in my extended love for films.

I have made some short films this year, as well as written some scripts, I can say that 2016 was the most important year in my life, I met a lot of new people through facebook especially from the great group on facebook known as The Gold Room.

So, finally it is ended now, and I hope it will be a great year for films, and I hope I get to explore even more cinema, which is always great.

I can also easily say, this has been one of the very best year's in my life, and a crucial one.


Well, I have started avoiding torrents a little from 2016, but I would like to put to an end, and now buying everything through Blu-Ray or DVD's, or if it's available online legally. Yup, It is very sad for filmmakers when they're film is being watched online, instead what needs to done properly. So, that's that. But I have always maintained that, If I watch a film on torrent, I pay it back by buying it's Blu-Ray or DVD, but from 2017, there will be only one way and only one way to watch films, that's it.

Thanks for reading!

I know it is my most un-interesting post till date, but I just needed to share this.

Happy New Year To All!

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Is Directors Fortnight The Best Section Of Cannes?

Is Directors Fortnight The Best Section Of Cannes?

Cannes is the most prestigious and beloved film festival, and certainly my favourite festival. I take Cannes even more then the Oscars.I have always searched the films that have went there and try to watch them.

So, those who have knowledge about Cannes, well enough, but I'll recap for those who don't. Cannes itself has it's award. It is called the Palm D'or. It is the most famous section in Cannes. Films like Taxi Driver, The Leopard, Apocalypse Now, La Dolce Vita have won and have been screened at this section. For 21st century films like, Elle, Amour, The White Ribbon, Zodiac have shown their presence there as well.

Now, I'm not here to talk about those sections, I'm here to explore and tell about it's parallel section called "Director's Fortnight Section". The question, this post is based on is, is it the best section of Cannes?

So, let me start saying this that, It is surely the most important section in Cannes, without a doubt. Every filmmaker begins from there. Weather it's Martin Scorsese, Michael Haneke, or the latest director Damien Chazelle, or even our Anurag Kashyap ( though he sent his films later on his career). Films like Mean Streets, The Seventh Continent, Whiplash, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Ugly, Werckmeister Harmonies, Bandit Queen etc. have all been screened here.

In recent times films like Mustang, Dope, Green Room, Blue Ruin, Dog Eat Dog has been to this section.

It explores the lesser known names, and young talents. That is what I love about Directors Fortnight, and that is not the only reason, but also, it has no awards. It dosen't have any specific awards to be given, selection with itself is an honour. That is great because, there is no competition. Like in Palm D'or the film that wins, puts all other films a little down, but in Directors Fortnight that does not take place. It treats every film equally.

There I have made my point. I hope you got some information about this section. I love it a lot, and certainly it is an important section. Palm D'or is great, but it dosen't explore what Directors Fortnight does.

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The Best Films Of 2016

The Best Films Of 2016

There again, the year 2016 has almost ended. It is the time when critics, people start to share their favourite films list. So, I decided to do mine. I saw a lot of films this year. I have been to theatre every Friday this year, and besides that I saw every film premiered at Cannes and it's parallel sections like Directors Fortnight. In the mid way of 2016, I thought this is turning out to be a bad year, but as the year went forward especially after Cannes, this came out to be a good year. I also think this has been a better year for foreign cinema, we have had lots of great films from around the world. So, let's start but sadly because of release dates in India, I have yet to see films like -

  • Silence
  • Manchester By Sea
  • Moonlight
  • Fences
  • Allied
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Jackie
So, they won't be in the list, but when I do a review of them, I will mention, if they will take place. Though I can place bets on Silence that it may top my list. Also, I have mentioned about 12 films here instead of 10, just for the sake I loved all 12 of them, We have had some great women-centred films this year. So, Let's Start-


Western genre, has gone down since 1970’s, though we have had some great one’s in 21st century, this film isn’t actually a western, but sort of neo-western film, for example like No Country For Old Men, which I didn’t liked. Hell Or High Water came out of no where, and surprised me. The way the film is directed, it is beautiful to look at. The crime scene’s are so well executed, more then all, this film let’s you care for the characters of the film. It is utterly fast-paced. This film tells no person is all good or all bad. This reminded me of Bonnie & Clyde look, with these brothers robbing banks.  This film is one of the biggest suprises this year, and one of the very best of this year


I was looking forward to do a top 10, but then I really wanted Aligarh in the list. This film is the film, that I loved, and very much. Hansal Mehta did an astonishing work with his direction, and he came even upper on the list, of the best directors working in Hollywood. This is one of the best Bollywood films I’ve ever seen, such a powerful and path-breaking film. Manoj Bajpayee did an off-beat role here and let me tell you this is his second best performance to me after Gangs Of Wasseypur. To those who haven’t seen this beautiful film, I highly suggest it. We want more of these kind of films in Bollywood.


I saw this film, but I had to see it again. This film may have a simple plot, but it’s narrative is pretty confusing, which worked very well. Most of the times, it dosen’t but this time it really did, and it was great. I love Tom Ford’s perfume, but here he made his second film,  and he really rocked his role as a director in it. This is one of the most stylish looking films of this year. Amy Adams, sure she gave her best in Arrival, but I can go and say she was fabulous in this one too.  Jake Genyenhall is superb as well. He is probably one of my favourite actors. This film surprised me, it was worth the wait.


This is one of those rare films, which is a comedy, but also where it is nearly flawless. Toni Erdmann is a film, that surprised me, I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it some of most funniest scene I’ve ever seen. It features some excellent writing and steller performances. I still cannot believe that after a long we have a great comedy, which is excellent in just not making us laugh, but overall a great film. Many sites, and polls of the year hailed it as the best film, including my most trusted magazine Sight & Sound. Toni Erdmann is one of the best comedy film I have seen in this century, not it really is.


This was my favourite film of the year, in the mid of 2016.  I almost didn’t liked any film that came, at that point of time, as I thought 2016 would be a bad year, but second half of the year really took some turn. The Neon Demon is from the director who love and adore. Nicholas Winding Refn, his films are artistic and thoughtfull also deepfull. I’m not saying he is Terrance Malick, he is complete opposite of him and no where near to him, but he adds so many hidden details. The Neon Demon might his most f**ked up film till date, in a good way. I really suggest you to watch this film, it is worth it.


Ken Loach, he is still making films today, that itself an accomplishment within itself. I, Daniel Blake is the winner of Palm D’or award of Cannes 2016.  This film is certainly one of Loach’s best, it is extremely powerful and a beautiful dramatic film. It is one of the best Palm D’or winning film of this century,  It follows a story of a carpenter, it is a film that can speak to anyone, who is facing the horrible world. Ken Loach is till as powerful as he was before, nothing has changed in his masterful filmmaking.


Cristian Mungiu is one of my favourite non-hollywood directors working today. His  4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days is a masterpiece and I can easily say that. This might be his best film since that, though I roughly enjoyed Beyond The Hills. This film is brilliantly written and directed. It is on a very simple topic, but what Mungiu does with this film really something else. I always look forward to the films which went to Cannes, and this is one of the very best of them. Graduation is a film that I would watch again anytime, and still love it. It is a beautiful little film.


I would go on and name this as the most underrated film of this year, very few people have seen this, I highly suggest this film, it is probably the most beautiful film of this year.  This year had a lot of women centered films, and even this was one. I can say that it might be the second best as per ranking. I love French cinema, and this year we have had two great one’s from there. It is a period film, and it managed to capture the period profoundly. It is a powerful, brave film, that stayed with me even after watching it.


Elle is arguably stated as the best foreign film of this year, and it truly deserves that tag. It is one of the best drama-thriller I have seen in this decade so far. Isabelle Huppert gives an astonishing performance, she is  the person on which this film rests on. Though it has a brilliantly written screenplay and directed brilliantly, Acting of Huppert is the thing that takes it all. This is one of the most powerful and impactful film of this decade, I love this film very much, and I highly suggest it.


My love for serial killer films go as deep as ocean, but sadly we haven’t seen many great in the past few years. This might be the one, I was expecting to be great, and yet it did.  Anurag Kashyap once again, let this film to be his third at Cannes (Directors Fortnight). This film is brilliantly acted, and the storytelling is a great. It is a complete film, a character driven film, a complete blast from start to finish.


It is already hailed as one of the best musicals of all time, and as not being a fan of musicals, this film is the one that I really loved.  It is very  cleverly written, directed and edited. It is one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen in recent times.  Damien Chellaze, has back to back managed to make two great films. This is a film, that was a wonderful experience, seeing it in IMAX.  La La Land is definetly one of the best films of 2016, and it deserves all the hype surrounding it. By the way I really hate musicals, but really loved this one.


Best science fiction film of this century? Probably yes and also it is one of the most intelligent films I’ve ever seen.  Arrival was one of most awaited films of this year, and it even succeeded my expectation for the film.  This is one Denis Villuenve’s best work, Amy Adams gives her best. This film is slow-paced as complaint by many, maybe Yes, but it had to be that way. I have watched this film three times already, All I could say I have seen film almost every Friday this year,  and seen a lot of stuff that wasn’t released in India as well, but none were able to surpass except number two for my favourite film of the year.

So, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions -

  • DOG EAT DOG - Not a great film, but very enjoyable.
  • EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT - I hate myself for not including this.
  • LOVING - Another great film by Nicholas,
  • THE SURVIVALIST - One of the best suprising films of this year.
  • THE COMMUNE- Thomas Vinterbeg's weaker film but still good.
  • TSCHICK - Fatih Akin's weaker film, but I personally liked it.
  • THE LOBSTER - Probably one of the most original films of this decade so far.
  • KRISHA - Another women centered great film.
  • THE EDGE OF SEVEENTEN - One of the better coming of age films.
  • THE NICE GUYS - Shane Black's best film since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
  • DEADPOOL - The only superhero flick, which I liked this year.
  • RAW - Extra-ordinary horror film.
  • THE HANDMAIDEN - From the epic director of Oldboy. This might be his best work.
  • PATERSON - Beautiful little film.
  • PERSONAL SHOPPER - Cannes film, and a great one.
  • AMERICAN HONEY - A good coming of age film.
  • KNIGHT OF CUPS - WHY? WHY? WHY? Is it in the Honourable Mention, I'm still asking my self that.
  • THE UNKNOWN GIRL - Loved it very much, was pretty close for being on the list.

Thanks for reading!

So which is your favourite film of 2016?

Did I miss any? Don't forget to give a feedback!

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Top 5 Most Awaited Films Of 2017

Top 5 Most Awaited Films Of 2017

With the year 2016 coming to an end, here I share my most awaited films of the coming year. I just hope them to be great. It's not that, I'm gonna just see these films next year, just an estimate which I'm looking forward to. We have been greeted every year with surprises, specially from Cannes Film Festival, which I look forward to. Ranking dosen't indicate anything in here, so Enjoy :D


Paul Thomas Anderson, I have yet to rank a B film, from his filmmography, he is perfect at doing what he does best. So, anything by him, will be obviously one of of most awaited films. But this one is even more special, as he is teaming up with the great Danial Day Lewis. Plus, it is an period film, now that resembles something, the last time these three things came together, created the best film of 2000's and one of the best ever There Will Be Blood, that itself explains a lot,


Christopher Nolan was one of my favourite directors, but now he has gone down. But, here come's which I believe would may become his best work, with a wonderful teaser and but just a good trailer, this film really looks good, but then the blockbuster aspect comes in, and the trailer is giving me PG-13 vibes, I wish Nolan did some R rated films, back then like Memento and all. But still, that dosen't make it any less. I hope it is good and dosen't disappoint.


Denis Villeneuve, anything like PTA, If he has his hands on it, I gotta be awaited. Fresh from Arrival, Villeneuve decided to a sequel to one of the best science-fiction films ever made, and the only Ridley Scott film I love, Blade Runner.  The teaser dropped up, and it look mind-blowing. This is gonna be cool and interesting, just I don't want it to be a money-making techinique, but Denis has his hands on it, so I'm pretty sure it would be something else.


Michael Haneke, arguably the best non-hollywood director working today. He is a true auteur. Happy End will be his next film since his masterpiece Amour. He will be collabarating again with Isabelle Huppert, they previously came together with a great film called The Piano Teacher. All, I could say this is by far my most awaited foreign film of the next year, and I highly trust Haneke, he would do something great again. 


Terrance Malick may have gone a little downwards after The Tree Of Life, though I liked Knight Of Cups. This film looks brilliant, it features lots of A-grade stars, as well it is a story of a love triangle whenever Malick enters to make a romantic film, he makes something great, and I hope this will be great, well, what really matters is, watching a Malick film in theatre's. That itself would be a lovely experience.

So, that wraps up the list, but here some more films, that I'm watching for-

  • T2: TRAINSPOTTING 2: Love the first one.
  • MOLLY'S GAME: Aaron Sorkin's directional debut.
  • RANGOON: Vishal Bhardwaj's next film.
  • MEKTOUB IS MEKTOUB: From the great director of Blue Is The Warmest Color
  • UNTITLED DICK CHENEY BIOPIC: Adam Mckay's follow up to the great The Big Short.
  • WORLD WAR Z 2: Simply, one reason if it's true, Fincher is directing it.
  • IN THE FADE: I adore Fatih Akin, and this is his upcoming film.
  • THE BEGUILED: Sofia Coppola's next film with some great cast.
  • MOTHER: Darren Aronofsky's next film.
  • THE SNOWMAN: It looks great, and I hope it will be.
  • THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA: Steven Speilberg's next film, though not a big fan of his, but still looking forward to it.
So which film are you looking forward to in 2017?

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Top 10 Best Bollywood Films Of 2016 & The Worst

Top 10 Best Bollywood Films Of 2016

It's been a great year for films for bollywood. We have had great films from A-grade filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Hansal Metha, and we have had usual blockbusters from directors like Karan Johar and all. Though many films didn't lived up to the hype, but still this was pretty good year for bollywood. With seeing Dangal, I'm sure that I have seen a lot of films to make this list. Enjoy.


I liked this film very much, but now when I look at it back, this film was in a way disappointment, this was way more of a drama then sports film. They showed sports via T.V, that was the best solution they found. But any way, I cannot say I enjoyed this film, and it has it's powerful moments, and some good acting, and certainly a film that would make Top 10 films of Bollywood on most of the list.


Airlift is already believed by many as one of the greatest film of bollywood, and it may be. I kind of was disappointed, even though this was a different bollywood film. But in the end Airlift is a very well directed and acted film. It let's you care for the characters very well. It is a very proud film, as hailed by many. So, Airlift is a must watch, and I'm sure many of you would have seen it already.


Kapoor & Sons was a different film from the usual commercial bollywood films we are getting. It was great to see bollywood experimented to craft something like this. This is emotionally draining film, it has it's joy moments, but it core lies in giving a message about family. This film is all about relationships with the family. It is a film, that I enjoyed but side by side, emotionally drained, especially in the last act of the film.


Madaari was trashed by critics, for no reason. I think this film is far superior then those blockbusters we had this year. I could have this film only for the reason, that it has one of the best performance of Irrfan Khan, he completely nails his role. It has a similar theme/plot/message as A Wednesday. But, it has it's own uniqueness which makes it a compelling watch. It is brilliantly executed from a talented director Nishikant Kamat,


Pink was a film, that came out of no where, with an unique plot and way of storytelling. Pink is a dark film, I got so invested in the film, especially the court sessions. It's second act largely depends upon it's courts sessions, and that is what lies Pink's strength in. It has flaws, but it is very unusual that bollywood came up with such a unique and extra-ordinary film.


Udta Punjab, the most conterversial bollywood film of 2016. But thanks to Anurag Kashyap that we got to see this film with lesser number of cuts. This film suprised me, as it deals with a very realistic topic. It's performances are top-notch especially by Shahid Kapoor & Alia Bhatt, they probably give their very best in it. It has a very real and subtle look to it. Udta Punjab is definetly one of those films which I won't forget so easily.


This was one of my most awaited of this year, and it didn't disappoint. This film was set to be made back a lot early and it was set to be a hollywood film as this film was written back in 1988. Bollywood wouldn't have got the film, but then plans fell out and it finally came in 2016. It was a complete compelling watch right from start to finish. This was such a clever film, sadly remains underrated.


When a Aamir Khan stared film is coming it must be good, because he chooses films wisely especially in recent times, of course with exception of Dhoom 3. This film was eventually a lot more realistic and subtle then I thought. Aamir Khan probably gives his best.  He gives a satisfying performance, having seen it recently I can assure you this film is brilliant,


Aligarh is a film that as soon as I saw the trailer I was in, because of the trailer also because of Hansal Metha. This film didn't even disappointed me a bit. It is a great, great and great film. It has a heart to it, which none of the film on the list had, I would go on and say not even number one. Hansal Metha, by this film, I can say he is one of the finest working bollywood director. This is a film, that I won't forget. Manoj Bajpayee gives one of his very best.


This is not the only list Raman Raghav 2.0 or Psycho Raman is gonna take place in, wait for "My Top 10 Films of 2016". Raman Ragahv 2.0 is from the director who you all know I adore Anurag Kashyap, and his third directional feature which was premeried at Cannes in Directors Fortnight Section, Kashyap's character driven film is a complete blast from start to finish. This had it all, what I I wanted from it. Steller performance from Nawazuddin and brilliant and clever writing & direction from the great Anurag Kashyap.

Now, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions -

NOTE: I really didn't liked many of the films in Honourable Mentions, so hence.

  • TE3N - A brilliant mystery thriller which is very well acted, directed & written.
  • SAALA KHADOOS - I wanted this  film to be in Top 10, but just couldn't.
  • LAAL RANG - Underrated piece of work, and with steller acting.
  • SULTAN - Salman Khan's best acting role ever? Probably yes. 
  • AE DIL HAI MUSKHIL - One of Karan Johar's least best film, but decent. 
  • MOHENJO DARO - Because it's epic, and that's the only reason.
  • PHOBIA - Flawed, but underrated psychological thriller.
  • SARABJIT - Overrated, but brilliant acting and storyline.
  • NEERJA - Very overrated, didn't liked it. But it's a real life story.
  • DEAR ZINDAGI - Same with this one. But it's not an real life story. It has melo-drama at moments.

  • BEFIKRE - I gave it the lowest rating, one of the worst films I've seen. 
  • SHIVAAY - Action just cannot make a great film.
  • HOUSEFULL 3 - I didn't laughed even once in the film, and it was a comedy.
  • MASTIZAADE - Bollywood just needs to stop making films like this.
  • GREAT GRAND MASTI - First film was great, second became medicore, and third became an awful film.
  • KYA KOOL HAI HAM 3 - Same goes with this one, just the second was atleast watchable.
  • A FLYING JATT - WoW! what a waste of money.
  • BHAAGI - Super-flawed.

Thanks for reading!

What is your favourite bollywood film of 2016 and the least favourite?

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Dangal (2016) Movie Review

Dangal (2016) Movie Review

Dangal was one of the most awaited bollywood films of the year, I saw the trailer and thought it was quiet good. After all it is an Aamir Khan starer film. He is a person who has picking films very carefully, and the result is always good. With exception of Dhoom 3 I guess. Dangal is a much better film then Sultan, I can easily say that, but does that alone make this film great?

First of all storyline, Former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) trains young daughters Geeta (Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Babita (Sanya Malhotra) to follow in his footsteps and become world-class grapplers. Storyline was really interesting, and it was not similar to Sultan as many were creating hype around it. 

This film is really well directed, director Nitesh Tiwari, this is by far his best directed film. It seems to drag at moment, as it is nearly 3 hour long film. But, overall Tiwari managed to hook up it's audience the whole time. It is very well written as well, there are some great dialogues in there. But at times it was like make the characters of the film heroic after all it is a commercial bollywood film.

Performances: Aamir Khan, he is the person on which this film relies on. He probably gives his best performance till date. Such a brilliant performance, he really was dedicated to his role. Words would be less to describe him, and I could go on and share my views on whose the best "Khan", I would say he is the best out of the lot in Khans after Irrfan Khan. Fatima Sana Shaikh is great as a first-timmer. Rest of the cast, even the kids acted really well. There is no doubt, One of Dangal's strength lies in the acting.

I enjoyed this film very much. It is one of the best biopics of bollywood. Sport genre is shown a lot better then other two that came this year MS: Dhoni & Sultan but would be a tough competition between this and Saala Khadoos. Aamir Khan is the man, he proves himself and remains the best commercial cinema actor of bollywood. This film is great, and probably my favourite of the year (only bollywood) after Raman Raghav 2.0 and Aligarh. 

Overall, Dangal is simple, brilliant, and a powerful film. It is a film that you definetly should not miss. It was worth the wait, but I would not say it is a masterpiece for now. But it's definetly up there with some of the great bollywood films of this year. My only problem lies with the film is, it's dramatic elements at moments, they felt like melo-drama, but other then that, it is complete blast.  So, I highly suggest Dangal. Be sure to check it out.

RATING: A- or B+ (It lies somewhere in the middle of these two)

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Top 10 Gangster Films Of All Time

Top 10 Gangster Films Of All Time

Gangster films is always been my favourite genre, or I should say one of my favourite genre's. Gangster flicks were great before 1970's but after 1970 the big blast came "The Godfather" and changed it all. Since then we got a lot of gangster flicks which have been masterpieces. They are the films which I love to watch. In 21st century, itself we have got a lot gangster flicks, so here I list ten best gangster films of all time.


I actually though City Of God is an average film on it’s first viewing, I somehow think it is slightly better then that. But when we are talking about Gangster flicks, it has to be up there. City Of God, has an extra-ordinary tone to it. It’s camera-work makes it more engaging. City Of God is not the best gangster flick of 21st century, but it is simply memorizing. 


This is probably the film which is unknown on the list, because it is really underrated. La Haine has a unique, cool and fast paced style to it. Showcasing 24 hours in the life of these gangsters. It’s black and white cinematography makes it even more special, this is a unique tale of gangsters, and the one you shouldn’t miss.


Martin Scorsese’s film that changed it all, and put Scorsese’s name in the map. This is Scorsese earlier work, and one of his very best for me. This film is perfect in every ways, though it may lack the blood baths in gangster flicks, but that’s not what these flicks are about, right? This film shows the life of gangsters, the politics, the way they work. It is made in extremely low-budget and that is what makes it more realistic.


This is not the first Martin Scorsese film on the list and won’t be the last.  Scorsese along with Coppola is the ultimate king of Gangster flicks. Casino back then was trashed by critics on it’s comparision to Goodfellas, but I don’t know why compare, just simply view the thoughts on the film rather then comparing it. This has a similar tone to Goodfellas, but on completely different topic, it’s all about casino and the politics involved in it. It has an epic use of narration, and great use of colours. This is one of Scorsese’s very best work.


If you have been checking my blog out for a long time, you know how much I love Gangs Of Wasseypur. This follows a different path, it is raw, epic and stunning. It full of dark humour, and crazy songs. This is by far the best Bollywood film ever made, atleast in my opinion. It is an epic tale of revenge and gangsters which spans over seven decades. This is by far the best gangster flick of 21st century.


Yes, Pulp Fiction can be counted in several other genre’s, but the theme of the film and the story is all about gangsters. Pulp Fiction is the film that is probably the best film of the 90’s, it introduced a new method of story telling, it changed the way Gangster flicks were seen, it made it more fun. That’s it, what else I can say about it, it’s Pulp Fiction.


Sergio Leone’s last film, is his magnum opus for me. It is just not like any other gangster flick, it is an epic journey of four friends. It visually stunning and emotionally rich. Some say it’s overlong, but for me it has never been an issue, this film needed to be that long, it is Leone’s ultimate masterpiece. It is flawless piece of work, which seems underrated, it deserves a lot more love and respect. Also, this is one of the greatest films ever made.


If The Godfather changed the way gangster films were seen, Goodfellas managed to do it, with a unique style. This film is not dark toned as The Godfather, instead it opts a light, and dark humour kind of atmoshphere. It shows organized crime even better then The Godfather, it shows the life of gangsters, how they work, what they do, how they manage stuff. It is one of the most enjoyable films ever made, and arguably known as Martin Scorsese magnum opus.


The Godfather is not only the second greatest gangster film of all time, it is arguably the greatest and my favourite film of all time. This film is flawless, it is perfect in everyway, not even once while watching I can say it has a dull moment. This dosen’t has killing here and there, it is realistic and shows how crime is done, rather then showing crime. This film changed the face of American cinema, it is a film, that has perfect amount of great acting, writing, directing and what not. It let’s you care for the guy’s who aren’t the best out there in the world. What else I could say about it, it is The Godfather.


It’s prequel and this are both unique in their own way and are brilliant and landmark in filmmaking. I personally love The Godfather more then this, but when the gangster aspect comes, The Godfather Part II shows it even better, hence it is placed number one, it rarely happens that in a series there are more then one masterpiece. This film is even darker and shows about mafia even more. The speciality of the film lies in the flashbacks, where young Vito Corleone is rising and on the other hand Michael Corleone going down. This is even better directed film then the first one, it is also one of very best film which runs over three hours.

So, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions – 

  •       MILLER’S CROSSING – Coen brother’s best work.
  •       THE DEPARTED  - Scorsese’s epic gangster flick of 21st century.
  •       SCARFACE (‘32’) – Was so close to being on the list.
  •       BONNIE & CLYDE – Epic tale of a gangster and his women.           
  •       WHITE HEAT – One of very best gangster flick of Pre-70’s.
  •        SATYA – India’s second best gangster flick.
  •       ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA – Modern masterpiece. 
  •       DONNIE BRASCO - Depp & Pacino nailed it.
  •       THE PUBLIC ENEMY - One of the very best of 1930's.
  •       BUGSY - Rich looking gangster flick.
  •       A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE - Unique storyline, epic film.
  •       THE UNTOUCHABLES - Flawed but better then De Palma's other gangster flicks.
      NOTE: There is a difference between gangster films and there are other films like "The French     Connection" and "L.A Confidential" which come in Cop Films Category. Where as films like "Heat" and  "Le Cercle Rouge" come in heist genre, and so on. So, there will be separate list for that.
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