Thursday, 8 December 2016

Befikre (2016) Movie Review

Befikre (2016) Movie Review

The film has arrived, which was being hailed as many as one of the most awaited films of 2016 of bollywood, because of it's director and actor and also because it's set in Paris. Ladies and Gentlemen this is one of the worst films I've seen this year, though there maybe worse films, but not seen them. Sorry, but this will be my first review since I started doing this on blog, with naming a film worse, but this one deserves it, really.

This is an empty film, with no plot-line, it had to so much potential to be a good film, if it used it resources faithfully, Aditya Chopra, he has directed some of the very best bollywood films of all time, This should have been questioned at the writing stage itself, but they went on. This film is one total mess, with flaws, and empty plot. The three pictures which are showcased is the only thing, you will get in the film.

Performances: I atleast thought for a second that Ranveer Singh would give a good performance, as he maybe the best X gen commercial cinema actor working today. But, I would say his performance is not upto the mark, he maybe the only back-bone of the film, but his performance felt a little over-acting at times. Vaani Kapoor, the actress is only one film old, she had an small role in Sudh Desi Romance ( the film I thought was overrated ) but she was good in that film, in this film, the fan-like acting came in, as she was working in a bigger film, she is full of overacting, other actor's don't have a significant role to play.

I don't know why films like Udta Punjab, Ugly, Black Friday and lot's of other films of better cinema of bollywood are trashed by the Film Certification Board, but films like this, which contains, of only kiss and nothing, gets no cut's, because the kissing is just for fun. This film is only about making money, and it will earn, there is very little doubt about that.

The only positive aspect I could find was cinematography and maybe some songs, that was it, humour, okay I can give some points to that too, but really didn't laughed much.

Now, I'm no one to stop you to watch the film, it is completely your choice and your decision, my work is just to review this film and I did, what I felt. If you are going to the film to have a good time, well enough, you might have it, but If you are just like me wanted to catch a good film, sorry mate, but this might not be one, I hope Deepwater Horizion is good, review up for that soon.


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