Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Favourite Films: Part 2


FILM: POPIOL I DIAMENT [Ashes & Diamonds] (1958, Dir: Andrzej Wajda)

Sadly, we lost the great director of the film Andrzej Wajda this year. He was truly a legend, and one of the best directors ever lived. Rest In Peace, sir, Ashes & Diamonds, his magnum opus is one of the most coolest film ever made, and actually for me it is the best. This is not exactly a war film, it's more political centred. Though, I almost hate all romantic films, and that being one of my least favourite genre, but this isn't a romantic film, it has some romance elements which I adored, and If I became a filmmaker one day, I wouldn't certainly like to make a romantic film, but would love to add romantic element in films just like this one.

For me, this film has an interesting plot, but what it is more rich because of the character's. The intreaction between all the characters in the film. Till, the end of the film, I just didn't wanted any of the characters to go, Wajda's extra-ordinary direction accomplishes to create feeling for the characters in no time.

Though the story deals with a very serious topic, this film has humour and some times it's dark. As soon as our two main characters enter the hotel, we are shown different stories, it is inter cut from time to time, to each of them. One is were two drunk men are kicking humour in a serious meet-in. Other end we Maciek's story, which is a romantic story which later becomes a emotional one.

It has some of the finest use of lights in a film, this one of the most beautiful Black & White looking film. I love this film, because returning to the circumstances of all these characters are fun to watch, as well as this film is powerful, shocking and honest. This is one of the most rich art-house film, I've ever seen. It has a camera-work, which I won't ever forget, it showcases the emotion of every character so well.

In this film, even at serious moments, there was a laugh inside always. The action sequences or the killing sequences are the scene's I love the most, they are so well choreographed so beautifully. This is by far the best in Wajda's war trilogy. This wasn't near to be coming in my top ten untill I gave it another viewing couple of months back, and it affected me in such a way, that I knew this film is really a milestone, and something which I love. This is a perfect neo-realism. I suggest seeing Ashes & Diamonds, If you haven't seen it, this is a film which will always remain close to my heart. Andrez Wajda, a master which we unfortunately loss this year, thank you for giving us such a film.

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