Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Note On 2016!

A Note On 2016!
Today, I wanted to do something offbeat. As, 2016 is at it's last stage, here is a note of mine about it.


2016 has been a great year for foreign films, we have had some great A+ films, especially the one's that went to Cannes. French cinema returned with some very great films like Elle & The Innocents.

As far as, hollywood is concerned, the first few months, infact the first 6 felt like, this year is one of the worst ever, but the came Cannes and changed it all, After Cannes we have had some really great hollywood films, like Arrival & La La Land. Though there are some that I still have to watch.

Now, let's go on to bollywood, For bollywood, it is far from being a fantastic year, but we have had few suprises and some films that I knew would have been great and did, like Raman Raghav 2.0 & Aligarh.

So, overall it has been a great year for films, and I'm really not much hoping from 2017, but I hope it has some great suprises like 2016 did.


2016, would remain a special year for films, cause as far back as I can remember, I have watched most number of films then like forever. I have explored a lot more foreign cinema this year, and this year has played a crucial part in my extended love for films.

I have made some short films this year, as well as written some scripts, I can say that 2016 was the most important year in my life, I met a lot of new people through facebook especially from the great group on facebook known as The Gold Room.

So, finally it is ended now, and I hope it will be a great year for films, and I hope I get to explore even more cinema, which is always great.

I can also easily say, this has been one of the very best year's in my life, and a crucial one.


Well, I have started avoiding torrents a little from 2016, but I would like to put to an end, and now buying everything through Blu-Ray or DVD's, or if it's available online legally. Yup, It is very sad for filmmakers when they're film is being watched online, instead what needs to done properly. So, that's that. But I have always maintained that, If I watch a film on torrent, I pay it back by buying it's Blu-Ray or DVD, but from 2017, there will be only one way and only one way to watch films, that's it.

Thanks for reading!

I know it is my most un-interesting post till date, but I just needed to share this.

Happy New Year To All!

More Stuff Coming in 2017!


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