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Director Retrospectives: Quentin Tarantino


The director who writes like no one else does, violence is his real deal. His characters are one of the most coolest characters in cinema history, this is the director who makes a film on serious topic, but makes them fun to watch, some of his films may lack a certain thing, but every single one of them is enjoyable, Quentin Tarantino, I'm talking about who else? Probably the only of the X generation directors who has made one of the greatest films of all time (Pulp Fiction), he has so many masterpieces under his belt, but sadly he has announced that he wouldn't do more then ten films, which means just two more (he takes both Kill Bill as one films), but I'm sure the two he will be making would be epic films. If, I were to become a director one day, there will be a lot of things, I would be inspired from Tarantino, like the storytelling, violence, crime. This guy is a genius!


Now, that is called an epic debut. Quentin Tarantino started his career by a big blast named Reservoir Dogs. Besides, being one of the best debut’s of all time, this film is one of the best films set in one day, of course many will say it was not set in one day. This is a film all about heist, but we really never the see the heist taking place, all we see is the aftermath of the heist. Most of the film is set in a good own, more then half of main scene’s take place there. This is one of the most enjoyable films ever, at least for me, this is one heck of a storytelling, till date, it stays one of his best and one of my favourite work of his. From, this movie it was clear itself, Tarantino is one hell of a screenwriter.

Favourite Scene: I’m a cop, one of the most Iconic endings of all time.

Rating: A +


Tarantino followed up with another masterpiece. Pulp Fiction, Tarantino’s magnum opus is arguably the greatest cult film ever made. This is the film which everyone, at least more then half of people who have seen this film. This film is in everyone’s favourite film list. As, Reservoir Dogs, this is also very enjoyable as well as it cherish the artistic cinema. It introduced the audience with a new method of storytelling, “the pulp fiction method”. At first, I at most hated this film, but now when looking back having watched it countless times, this is one of my favourite films of all time. This is a classic Tarantino flick, and at least for me “by far his best work”.

Favourite Scene: The interrogation scene with Joules and Vincent.

Rating: A *


For Fincher, it was Zodiac (his most underrated film, yet a masterpiece). For, Tarantino, I would say Jackie Brown is his most underrated flick. For me Tarantino made three masterpieces in one go. 90’s is the decade when Tarantino was at his peak. Jackie Brown, might be his most clever film till date. The epic sequence is one of the finest storytelling I’ve seen from Tarantino. This features some of his best writing as well as brilliant performances. I still don’t understand why this film is trashed as being one of his worsts. Now, don’t believe the guys/sites trashing it, I think If you haven’t seen it, because of the intention that it is his worst, sorry mate, but you are in the wrong direction, surely give it a go. Though, “Each to his own”.

Favourite Scene: The epic sequence, in which the event is told many times, with the eyes of different characters.

Rating: A -

KILL BILL VOL.1 (2003)

What’s the most unrealstic Tarantino film? This might be my answer to that question. Tarantino did something offbeat here, and tried something new. A women-centered martial art, revenge story, Now, even his worst film, is enjoyable. So, I cannot say I didn’t enjoyed a single Tarantino film. This film is bad-ass. It is very well directed, but it is again very unrealstic, and not subtle. This is overall, a good film, but I think it’s sequel was better in a lot ways. Though it was nice to see, Uma Thurman kicking some asses but that isn’t enough at least for me for a movie to be good. Lesser Tarantino, but again enjoyable.

Favourite Scene: Chapter 1: (2)

Rating: C +

 KILL BILL VOL.2 (2004)

Now very few people actually think this is a better film then the first one. Well I’m one of them, first film was just an action blast, but here in the volume two we get to know so much about the bride, and it suddenly feels rich and enhancing after knowing the characters well and then watching the action. Though it lacks action sequence like the first one, which I’m happy about, because it is a lot more realstic then the first film. Though, as not being a huge fan of Kill Bill, but Volume 2 had a heart to it, in other words it is more human. The film is continued with the chapter-wise storytelling, which is a trademark of Tarantino. A good film, with a happy ending.

Favourite Scene: The scene in the coffin.

Rating: B -


The least favourite Tarantino film? Yes, Death Proof is by far the least favourite Tarantino film. This is at most the only movie by him which has a linear-storytelling. Well, it has some of the best and realstic car chases encountered in recent times, but this lacks, what Tarantino is best at. His writing, seems to be thinner in this film, but as being his worst film, I 
would still call this one a pop-corn flick.

Favourite Scene: The car chase.

Rating: D +


2000’s Tarantino flicks didn’t quite worked at least for me, but then came his long awaited masterpiece, Yes ladies and gentlemen we are talking about the great Inglourious Basterds. This in scale and epicness, Tarantino’s best film. This was his comback, and his first great film since Jackie Brown. The first chapter of this film, is more then enough for me to like it. Christoph Waltz gives a flawless performance, again this is told in chapter-wise storytelling typical Tarantino, and it simple makes the experience memorising. The long conversations in the film have bored some people, but for me they always work. After watching this, it was clear Tarantino was back. We had seen many war films, but certainly none like this one.

Favourite Scene: Chapter 1

Rating: A +


Tarantino’s first landmark in the western genre, impressed many right from critics to academy awards to audiences, but for me it did the opposite. I had a very high expectation for this film, but what it turned out was a forgettable film, with some brilliant performances and classic Tarantino’s action and violence. Yes, it was rich in costume design, and other technical things, but I just couldn’t connect with the film well. Though it features again a superb performance from Waltz, and this is by far one Dicaprio’s best work, but this is better then most of the western crap produced nowadays.

Favourite Scene: The scene, with Dicaprio, where he cuts his hand by a glass.

Rating: B -


Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, have disappointed some, calling it as boredom, over-long, etc. But, for me it worked, What I mean by worked means, I loved It very much, it was probably my favourite film of the year in many ways. This film taking almost 12 Angry Men style plot, with some of the very best writing of Tarantino, with an epic score and great performances. This film is a fun ride which nearly is of 180-minutes. Never, once I felt, I was bored during the film, Seeing it one big screen, made the experience more great, with the gorgeous cinematography of it’s. More then half of the film is set in a cottage. It is all about these characters entertaining use, with dialogues, and you have my word, they could’nt have done it any better. I enjoyed and loved this film a lot more then his previous western Django Unchained.  

Favourite Scene: The epic showdown.

Rating: A -

Now here is a ranking of all his films,
  1. Pulp Fiction (A*)
  2. Inglourious Basterds (A+)
  3. Reservoir Dogs (A+)
  4. The Hateful Eight (A-)
  5. Jackie Brown (A-)
  6. Kill Bill Vol.2 (B-)
  7. Django Unchained (B-)
  8. Kill Bill Vol.1 (C+)
  9. Death Proof (D+)
Hope you enjoyed my retrospective of Quentin Tarantino. So, what is your favourite Tarantino film and why?

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