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Top 5 Most Awaited Films Of 2017

Top 5 Most Awaited Films Of 2017

With the year 2016 coming to an end, here I share my most awaited films of the coming year. I just hope them to be great. It's not that, I'm gonna just see these films next year, just an estimate which I'm looking forward to. We have been greeted every year with surprises, specially from Cannes Film Festival, which I look forward to. Ranking dosen't indicate anything in here, so Enjoy :D


Paul Thomas Anderson, I have yet to rank a B film, from his filmmography, he is perfect at doing what he does best. So, anything by him, will be obviously one of of most awaited films. But this one is even more special, as he is teaming up with the great Danial Day Lewis. Plus, it is an period film, now that resembles something, the last time these three things came together, created the best film of 2000's and one of the best ever There Will Be Blood, that itself explains a lot,


Christopher Nolan was one of my favourite directors, but now he has gone down. But, here come's which I believe would may become his best work, with a wonderful teaser and but just a good trailer, this film really looks good, but then the blockbuster aspect comes in, and the trailer is giving me PG-13 vibes, I wish Nolan did some R rated films, back then like Memento and all. But still, that dosen't make it any less. I hope it is good and dosen't disappoint.


Denis Villeneuve, anything like PTA, If he has his hands on it, I gotta be awaited. Fresh from Arrival, Villeneuve decided to a sequel to one of the best science-fiction films ever made, and the only Ridley Scott film I love, Blade Runner.  The teaser dropped up, and it look mind-blowing. This is gonna be cool and interesting, just I don't want it to be a money-making techinique, but Denis has his hands on it, so I'm pretty sure it would be something else.


Michael Haneke, arguably the best non-hollywood director working today. He is a true auteur. Happy End will be his next film since his masterpiece Amour. He will be collabarating again with Isabelle Huppert, they previously came together with a great film called The Piano Teacher. All, I could say this is by far my most awaited foreign film of the next year, and I highly trust Haneke, he would do something great again. 


Terrance Malick may have gone a little downwards after The Tree Of Life, though I liked Knight Of Cups. This film looks brilliant, it features lots of A-grade stars, as well it is a story of a love triangle whenever Malick enters to make a romantic film, he makes something great, and I hope this will be great, well, what really matters is, watching a Malick film in theatre's. That itself would be a lovely experience.

So, that wraps up the list, but here some more films, that I'm watching for-

  • T2: TRAINSPOTTING 2: Love the first one.
  • MOLLY'S GAME: Aaron Sorkin's directional debut.
  • RANGOON: Vishal Bhardwaj's next film.
  • MEKTOUB IS MEKTOUB: From the great director of Blue Is The Warmest Color
  • UNTITLED DICK CHENEY BIOPIC: Adam Mckay's follow up to the great The Big Short.
  • WORLD WAR Z 2: Simply, one reason if it's true, Fincher is directing it.
  • IN THE FADE: I adore Fatih Akin, and this is his upcoming film.
  • THE BEGUILED: Sofia Coppola's next film with some great cast.
  • MOTHER: Darren Aronofsky's next film.
  • THE SNOWMAN: It looks great, and I hope it will be.
  • THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA: Steven Speilberg's next film, though not a big fan of his, but still looking forward to it.
So which film are you looking forward to in 2017?

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