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Unlike, many of you there I wasn't so excited for this one, but trailer was promising tough. Bollywood, doing an good looking action, was interesting in a way. But I still had some doubts like, is it just gonna be action and no storyline. And hold on, it came to be true.

First of all, AJAY DEVGAN was good, he directed this film, which was a surprise, but he still did a decent/good job at it. Acting, yes this is not his typical performance, I see a different role from his which was pleasure to see. The rest of the performance were not "GREAT", but yeah normal decent. Tough couple of them in small roles were good.


This is a story of, SHIVAAY, who is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent and yet is capable of transforming into a mean destroyer when he needs to protect his family.

This movie is full of action and blast, very well to see bollywood creating such effects, but then it all gone waste, because of sloppy screenplay and story. This movie, is just like an T.V commercial of THUMBS UP or MOUNTAIN DEW. Sorry, but if you loved/liked the film, fair enough, but as I have to be a little critical, this movie has some flaws.

It has some of the best action sequences ever made in bollywood, but when you are having those, please take care of the story. It had so much potential, but all gone to just an action film, without giving importance to the plot.
But, I gotta give credits to the cinematography, this film is gorgeous looking. Overall, I enjoyed this film, but could have been alot better, it is watchable, LOL, dont get me wrong. The action is enough to pull you up to the end of the film. It certainly could have been a 4+ starter film, but just couldn't and wasn't even close.

Now, wait for my AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL review to know which one to go for. But, yeah I dont like love stories :P. But, yeah if you are looking for an action film, you can go for SHIVAAY. Again, It's action is enough for some people to be hooked up, all the time in the film.

RATING: 2.5/5

No, offence if you liked the film, let me know the feedback. I didn't say I didn't liked, I said I didn't loved it.



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