Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Favourite Films (Introduction)


What is your favourite film? A question which is asked by many people, and it is quite an essential question for a film buff. I can name a single film, but after naming it, there is a guilt, cause by just naming one, I put all other films I love a little down. 

So, I was deciding to do a favourite film post for a long-long time. But I think now is the right time, as my blog has some material on it. I have been working on the list from almost April this year to till now, I also posted a list once, but never got satisfied. There are frequent question that arise while making a list such as-
  • Pick one per director?
  • Am I missing out any other film?
  • I love both film equally, how to  pick one?
There are quite a lot other questions too. This is not at all a easy task, especially If you have seen to many films, and love to many. Over the past 3-4 years, I have seen thousands and thousands films, is not that I hadn't seen any before that, but over the past few year's, I have seen more films then I ever saw in my whole life. And just not hollywood or bollywood, films from all over the world.

There are tons & tons of films that I love, but picking favourite's depends like, there are films which I enjoy but far being favourite's. There are films which I watch again and again. So, here is what I'm gonna do!

I'll be talking about 10 films, that I love, adore, and that have enhanced my love towards the films. The films which have had the most impact on me. I will be talking about my "favourites" not "greatest", which are two opposite things. Everyone's list can differ, because we all have our own opinions and taste. 

Instead of telling all of them together in one post and writing about them in one or two paragraph's, I'll do ten different posts, each talking about one film only, it will be in depth about, Why I love the film so much, What is so rich in it, etc. So hold on, this won't be done in just one week or in fact one month's time. The posts of this series would be starting from December.

And, after I would have done all the ten posts, there will be a post, just like this one, which will be the conclusion to the series. Which would include some movies that just missed out, and If I would have made my mind up, maybe ranking of all the 10 films. 

So, it has been a long long time, picking those films, I couldn't be more excited to share them with you. Hope you are looking forward to it.

NOTE: Please Read This, as it carries some important information, I changed in the series.





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