Wednesday, 18 January 2017

An Announcement!

An Announcement!

I have loved posting on blog and expressing my love for films, this was by far the best way to express it. Here is a post, related to a short announcement, although, I don't feel quite good announcing it, but circumstances have been that way, hence I have to.

I have been working on something for about two or three months now. Regarding, it there has been a lot of work, and I need to give my 100% in it. I would love to share it once it's done, but until that, the number of posts on the blog, would go a little down, as I will remain a little busy.

Now, I am not saying, I won't post nothing at all, just that, the big things, like lists and all, but I would definetly would do a reviews of the latest films, and some lists in between, I would try my best.

It just dosen't feel right to me, doing this, but there is a saying "to get something, you have to loose something". I will be back properly again in March, with lots of new posts, till then there would be reviews, and some lists.

So, it's just that, I wanted to address the regular viewers of my blog.

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to give a feedback!

-Vastik Mishra

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