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Haraamkhor (2016) Film Review

Haraamkhor (2016) Film Review

Haramkhoor is a film that I wanted to watch from couple of years, infact this is a four-year old film, but got it's release now. Infact,with a U/A certificate, which was a joy to see. But sadly a great film like this got so less screenings because of the others films released this week like "Live By Night", "Okay Jannu", "XXX: The Return Of The Cage", and some others, I'm sure none of them would be great as this one. Though haven't seen any of them, gonna watch Live By Night tommorow though.

Haramkhoor is already one of my favourite films of 2017, it is 92 minute film which is at moments joy to watch, but it is completely opposite film then what you saw in the trailer, which was a plus point. I can easily say, this will definetly will make my best films of 2017 already. I just cannot express in words, how much I am amazed by this film. It is so well directed by a first-timer Shlok Sharma, he was an assistant director in the greatest hindi film ever made "Gangs Of Wasseypur" also he directed, beautiful little short film "Tubelight Ka Chand" which you can watch and should watch by clicking here.

The plot is very simple, In a small town in Gujarati, a school teacher becomes very interested in one of his female students. But, thanks to brilliant screenplay and direction from the same person Shlok Sharma. I can easily say, he has a bright future to come, with his short film and then Haraamkhor, I am already an Shlok Sharma fan. He would certainly be one of the best directors in the near future.

Performances: I don't remember the last time, Nawazuddin Siddiqui gave a bad performance, the answer is never! He is just flawless in this one, really he is so natural, subtle and realistic in this film. He surely is a method actor, and you can completely see the change, if we go by time-wise, you see his transformation of the role he did in Psycho Raman (Raman Raghav 2.0) and this. Shweta Tripathi, I liked her acting in Masaan very much. And, she gives one of the finest female bollywood performances I have seen, in recent time. Others, played the part perfectly. There wasn't a performance whom I thought wasn't upto the mark.

The screenplay is cleverly written, he it matches it tone change perfectly. There were a lot of bits when I laughed, and when the film had to be a little more serious it did. We have seen a lot of city life in bollywood films, but now when films like this show urban life, and when they do it great, it is an accomplishment within itself. This is a film about relationship between a teacher and a student. There are sub-plots, and there are other things running in the film, but I just cannot say that I found a major flaw with the film, it is one of the finest bollywood film of this decade, already.

I highly, highly suggest Haraamkhor. Please do watch this, films like this make bollywood great. Please, don't ignore it, and watching the other blockbuster releasing this week. I am no one to make a comment on them, as it is your choice, but please do find a time for this. If we, make this film earn enough, we will get more films like it. Because, money is a crucial part in filmmaking. Now, there was not a dull moment in the film, it nearly is a perfect film. There is not a particular flaw, I found with the film, just that everything happened quick, but that helped in maintaining the pace, and I loved it very much.

Rating: A-

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-Vastik Mishra

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