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Top 5 Best T.V Shows Of All Time

Top 5 Best T.V Shows Of All Time

I have always spent my time with films, but that dosen't mean, that I have no time for T.V Shows, over the years, I have seen many T.V Shows, and here I am gonna be listing My Top 5 Of All Time. So, Let's Start-


Aaron Sorkin's flawless writing has always manged to catch my attention, weather it is in films, or in the T.V Series. This is one the best showcase of political-drama centred genre. I can go and say, that I can love this show, because of it's flawless and outstanding writing. The go too deep showcasing about how politics work, and that is what I love about it. If, looked at the basic plot, it is really nothing special, but brilliant acting, directing and beautiful writing makes this T.V Series an interesting watch.

Favourite Episode: Season 2, Episode 22.


David Lynch is a true auteur. He has made masterpieces like "Blue Velvet" and "The Elephant Man", but certainly he made also one of the best T.V shows ever made, Twin Peaks. It is the T.V Show, by which watching the first episode itself, I was hooked up. I saw the whole first season again recently in one day. And, it just got even better, with a new one coming this year, I couldn't be more excited and happy. Twin Peaks is nothing short of being a masterpiece in T.V Series.

Favourite Episode: Season 2, Episode 9.

3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friends, is a show, which I can put at any time, any episode, and I will have an assurity, that I would be laughing in the whole 22/23 minutes. Friends, is by far the best comedy T.V show of all time, at least for me. What lies, Friends strength is in it's characters, all six of them, have their own style, and they differ from each other, and that is what it makes it even more interesting. I have loved it even since I saw it for the first, time and still love it equally. The feeling for the characters this show creates is very well done, by the 10th season, and by the last episode, you feel bad, why it ended? Just Why?

Favourite Episode: Season 4, Episode 12.


This would have topped my list, If we count my #1 as a film, but still that dosen't make it any less. Breaking Bad is one of the most bad ass T.V shows ever made. It has a perfect writing, top-notch performances and brilliant performances. This show is flawless piece of work, each and every episode has it's own uniqueness. I have never seen a much better pilot then Breaking Bad, it is perfect. The way they have showcased crime in the film, is like no other. Whenever  I start to watch Breaking Bad, I know I would be having a nice time.

Favourite Episode: Season 5, Episode 14.


Krsyztof Kieslowski is one of my favourite directors of all time, and his Dekalog , his magnum opus, seems to be considered a film by many and a Mini-Series by others. Well, I listed this in my list of Best Films of 1980's, but I am gonna list it, here also because I just feel like. Dekalog, is flawless, really there is not even a single thing, in all of ten episodes that I can saw, okay that didn't worked. Every thing, is perfect in the series. It has so many moments where I was left speechless, this is pure brilliance, and only a master is capable of making stuff like that.

Favourite Episode: Season 1, Episode 5.

Now, that wraps up the list, here are some Honourable Mentions - 

  • Mad Men - One of the most stylish T.V Series Ever!
  • Prison Break - Best Prison-Related T.V Series by far.
  • Game Of Thrones - Never have been a big fan of it, still quite good.
  • The Wire - One of the best crime-thriller T.V Shows,
  • True Detective - Flawless performances, and brilliant series.
  • Fargo - Probably the best Film to T.V Series.
  • House Of Cards - The one's directed by David Fincher are masterpieces, rest are great too.
  • Narcos - I love gangsters, and it has showcased one of them, very brilliantly. 
  • Sherlock - Have been going down over the years, but still good.
  • Band Of Brothers - Was very close, just missed the spot.
  • Suits - Slightly overrated, but brilliant.
  • The Simpsons - Best animated series by far.
Thanks for reading!

So, what is your favourite T.V Show of all time?

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-Vastik Mishra

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