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Director Retrospectives: Christopher Nolan

Director Retrospectives: Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, is probably the most famous hollywood director working today. Nolan, used to be one my favourite directors of all time, but over the course of time, he has been shifted a lot down, as it is really true there are much better directors then him. But, that dosen't affect his retrospective here. He uses probably the best editing techniques, his collaboration with Hans Zimmer, always produce a soundtrack, that can give joy to your ears. He has been, known as the master of blockbuster hollywood cinema, and he probably is, so let's start.


Long before, Nolan become a man with blockbuster films under his belt, he directed this low-budget, auto-produced mystery thriller, which is one of the best low-budget films, like ever. I loved the previous Nolan, which produced realistic and films, which felt subtle. Following, is a film, that has a twisted narrative. It is one of Nolan's best work, and the way he tackles this brilliantly written plot is a joy to see.

Favourite Moment: The twist.

Rating: B-

MEMENTO (2000)

Memento, his magnum opus and his best work by far. The film, that enhanced reverse narrative. This film is a true masterpiece, and his most original work till date. It features one of the best written screenplay of this century. The first time, I saw this film, I was like, what the f**k did, I just saw. It is pure brilliance, and remains one of the best films and my personal favourite since 2000's. It is a flawless piece of work, and nothing could come close of being close for being his best.

Favourite Moment: The ending.

Rating: A*


Nolan's most underrated work? The answer to that question is yes. This film has been stated his worst in many lists, but in actual it is one of his best for me. With having A grade starts such as Al Pacino and Robin Williams, Nolan created a great film, which sadly remains with unwanted hate. The way that Nolan builds up tension, in this one, grabs the audience till the end, to find what and where will this film end. After this Nolan, started entering to the blockbuster zone, as far has quality is concerned, Nolan's first three films were the best.

Favourite Moment: The main incident.

Rating: B+


Nolan, was about to a biopic of Howard Hughes, and calling it, the best thing he has written, but after Martin Scorsese's The Aviator was announced and the project fell through. Nolan, got a comic book character, which as not being a big comic book fan, but I will say Batman, is my favourite character in the comics.

Batman Begins, gave a new rise to comic book films, Nolan did bring a change in the topic, he added more realistic and subtle look to it. Batman's just wasn't a comic-book character anymore. If I have to go quality wise, this might be the best out of the trilogy. Batman Begins, formed a new Christopher Nolan.

Favourite Moment: The training.

Rating: B+


The Prestige, is without a doubt, the most best looking Nolan film. It is not his best, but no one is stopping it from being his second best. It features flawless acting, writing and directing. The atmosphere that Nolan able's to create in this film, is un-matchable comparing with his filmography. This used to be, one of my favourite films of all time, infact it was in Top 15, I still love, but as far as ranking is concerned, it may have gone little down, but this is his second masterpiece without a doubt.

Favourite Moment: The ending.

Rating: A+


Arguably known as Christopher Nolan's best work, and also known as the best comic book film of all time, I some where agree being the best superhero film, but not Nolan's best. The Dark Knight is a film, that once was in my top ten of all time, but over the years, it has gone down, as I explored more and more cinema. It is not a flawless piece of work, but it is just not like all other comic-book films out there, it is much more realistic. Though, as far as quality is concerned Batman Begins is the best out of trilogy, but as far as entertainment is concerned this might be best of the lot.

Favourite Moment: The opening scene.

Rating: A-


Inception, a film that after watching, I wanted to explore more cinema. It opened so many ideas, and it was the most extra-ordinary film, I ever saw at that time. Infact, it became my favourite film, as soon as I saw it, but now, as I will again state, seeing much more cinema then before, Inception is a great film, and certainly one of the most original films of this decade. It features, some intelligent screenplay, concept, visual, performances and direction. This was also the film, after which Nolan got his first nomination for Best Picture. I have found few flaws, with it, but then it is so damn entertaining.

Favourite Moment: The last montage with the music "Time".

Rating: A-


The Dark Knight Rises became my favourite out of the trilogy, but now I think it is the least best, that being said, it has it's moments, and performances are top-notch, but there were some things which just didn't fit well. The Dark Knight Trilogy is the best comic-book series, and this end was little disappointing, but that being said, it is a good film, just not the level of the other two. Tom Hardy gives an unforgettable performance, he is just brilliant in the film, other then that, the film wanted to be of a heroic kind, which went other direction.

Favourite Moment: Batman Vs Bane, first fight.

Rating: B-


Interstellar is a film of Nolan, which I have watched the second most after The Dark Knight. I absolutely loved it, the first three or four times, but then, this film didn't showed science-fiction properly, but it was more about the character, though it is an accurate science-fiction film, if we go in talk about warm hole and all, but Nolan films aren't really more about the characters, it is more of a plot-driven film, but with Interstellar, he changed it all, this film is about the relationship of a father and his daughter. Interstellar is great, it has some issues but was certainly better then a lot of science-fiction shit produced.

Favourite Moment: Inside the wormhole. 

Rating: B+

Now, here is the ranking of all his films-

  1. Memento (A*)
  2. The Prestige (A+)
  3. Inception (A-)
  4. The Dark Knight (A-)
  5. Insomnia (A-)
  6. Batman Begins (B+)
  7. Interstellar (B+)
  8. Following (B-)
  9. The Dark Knight Rises (B-)

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-Vastik Mishra

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